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animaltalkBodyTalk works on animals as well as on people. Animals are very in touch with the energies around them. So receiving this type of energy treatment is natural to them.

You know your pet. You know your pet just doesn't seem like himself/herself, but you may not know what is wrong. Especially since some animals, especially cats, have an inborn instinct to hide pain or injuries. In the wild, this can be a helpful survival mechanism to avoid predators detecting their injury and targeting them. But in a household, this tendency can be harmful if the owner doesn't know their pet is in distress. This is where Applied Kinesiology comes in handy. Muscle checking gets to the root of what is going on with your pet.

For an AnimalTalk session, I do the muscle checking by practitioner self-check on one hand. The tapping for an AnimalTalk session is done on the animal if they will allow it. Otherwise the tapping is done using the owner as a surrogate for their pet. But I usually just imagine tapping on the pet and it works the same. Whatever is appropriate at the time and situation is used.

yellowlabAnimals and people have some of the same types of physical and emotional issues and are treated in similar ways using the BodyTalk protocol.

But animals can have their own unique tendencies. Pets can take on the issues of their owners. Dogs in particular may carry the energetic burdens of their owners. They do this out of empathy and love, but it may cause them physical problems. These burdens and possible related symptoms can be addressed through an AnimalTalk session.

Animals are very sensitive to family and group dynamics. A person or another pet leaving or arriving in the household can be a major adjustment for a pet. If this transition is not smooth or your pet is unhappy about the change, this can negatively affect a pet's health andhappiness. This catscan be addressed throught an AnimalTalk session to help your pet acclimate to new changes.

Often times animals would like to send their owner s a message. Maybe about something going on in the house. Or something they want. Or maybe just a message of love to the owner. This can be very enlightening and help strengthen the bond with your pet.

If your pet is not ok to travel, the entire session can be done using the owner as a surrogate while the pet stays home. Or an AnimalTalk session can be done by distance session without the owner present. And like the BodyTalk, AnimalTalk is holistic, safe, non-invasive and tailored to the unique needs of the animal being worked on.

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