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Applied Kinesiology/Muscle Checking is a technique that measures the bodies muscle response to a specific substance or question. The muscles of the body will either become weak or strong depending on what is being tested.
What causes the muscles of the body to be weak or strong is the response of the innate wisdom of the body that resides primarily in the heart. The heart is in constant communication with all the parts of the body, monitoring, regulating and harmonizing the individual parts and diverse processes of the body/mind.

Yes/no questions are asked and the answers are found by testing the bodies muscle response. This has many applications. By using Applied Kinesiology through BodyTalk, breakdowns in the body are identified. Also identified is what the heart wants to help correct those issues.

Applied Kinesiology gets right to the bottom of the issue, which cuts out guesswork and speculation. Muscle Checking also helps to remove the fear of the unknown as the patient gets more clarity about what is going on in their body/mind.

Any muscle in the body can be tested in this way. The most common way is to test the deltoid muscle bodytalk(above picture) by having the patient hold there arm vertically. The practitioner pushes down on the wrist within a few seconds of asking a question to check the muscle strength.

BodyTalk uses a passive test. The patient is positioned face up on a massage table (pictured above) as the practitioner does the muscle check by lifting up the clients hand or wrist.

A one-handed self-test can be used by testing the fingercheckstrength of the finger muscles. This the muscle checking technique used for distance sessions.

Listening and honored each individual patients heart is very nurturing, natural, non-invasive, accurate and efficient.


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