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-BodyTalk for Animals
-Advanced Mindscape
-Eastern Medicine

I began my journey towards BodyTalk just before I graduated college. I was going through some very painful digestive issues. I found an Applied Kinesiologist who was able to determine what was wrong with me and what vitamins I needed to correct the problem just by checking my muscle responses. I took the vitamins as advised and 3 weeks later I was healed! I didn't know exactly how the muscle checking worked or why. But I did know I was sick and then I was healed!

This started me on a journey to explore Applied Kinesiology and all it's applications. I found BodyTalk a few years later and was fascinated about how BodyTalk integrated the mucle checking into a larger comprehensive system. Since I have trained up to and including the most advanced level, PaRama BodyTalk.

I enjoy working with clients to help facilitate their healing or helping them with an issue(s) they desire improvement on.

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