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The immune system is the body's defense system. It fights off bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins etc. on a continual basis.

When we get "sick", that is a immunesign that our immune system is having trouble fighting off one of these invaders.

Their can be very many reasons why the body is having problems fighting off a particular microbe. The physical body may be compromised. A person may be going through emotional or mental stress. Or the microbe may be a difficult mystery to figure out for the immune system. All of these factors can be addressed through BodyTalk

An important technique to directly aid the physical immune system to help fight off amicrobe is the body chemistry technique. This technique alerts the immune system to the invading factors. When the immune system knows what it is looking for, it can fight off intruders faster and more effectively.

This simple procedure could mean the difference between a week with the flu verses a day. A few days with a cold or a few hours. A nauseous stomach for hours/days or a quick resolution. Or not experiencing any symptoms at all if something is caught in the early stages.

This mother uses the bio-chemistry technique for her kids:

This is one of many powerful procedures in the BodyTalk system. If you have a cold, flu, virus or any illness or feel one might be coming on, contact to set up an appointment below:


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Body Chemistry Technique Testimonial

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