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BreakThrough is a partner program with BodyTalk that was specifically designed to help overcome "triggers". A trigger is something that provokes an intense emotion.
This over-reaction could be in the form of anger, fear, sadness, despair, etc.

This response usually comes from conditioning learned in childhood. When a current situation reminds us of something experienced in the past, old neural pathways are activated. These pathways are not always reasonable or beneficial to us.

This reaction may have served a person at one time in life, but it may not be serving them now.

BreakThrough allows a person's system to re-evaluate reactions and the subconscious programming behind the reactions. This is very powerful to affect change.

The results are more control over oneself, more peace, and more balanced reactions. In addition to gaining more acceptance of the humanness of oneself and others.

BreakThrough is truly profound and impactful. To experience the benefits of BreakThrough for yourself, contact to set up an appointment below:


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