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Cancer is a widely misunderstood disease. Some causes are known, some are more mysterious.

Hereditary is one of the major factors that plays into why someone may develop cancer. Some families have a history of a specific kind of cancer.

Lifestyle is the second major factor that plays into why someone may develop cancer. Smoking, asbestos, radiation, and drinking contaminated water are all known contributing factors.dnamarker

These factors are mapped on the DNA. To the right is a picture of DNA. The white lines indicate markers.

Markers form for various reasons. Markers are not random. They represent things. What they represent depends on the person.

Markers are not your DNA. Markers are part of the covering over your DNA called epigenenetics. The DNA is permanent. How your DNA is expressed is not permanent and changes throughout someone's life. This is why someone can not have cancer for 45 years and then suddenly have cancer. Their DNA was the same the entire time. Their epigenome changed in their lifetime.

When the epigenome changes, or develops markers, a genetic disease such as cancer can be "triggered".

The BodyTalk cancer protocal is about discovering and removing the markers that have triggered a disease.

When this happens, a disease can go into remission. Many people have been healed of cancer and other genetic diseases through BodyTalk.

The BodyTalk cancer protocol is part of the most advanced part of BodyTalk called PaRama BodyTalk. If you are suffering from cancer or any other genetic disease, I recommend you received treatment from a PaRama BodyTalk practitioner such as myself. This can work in conjunction with any other treatment you are doing.

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