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Colds and Flu's are common illnesses. In addition to chicken pox, pneumonia, pink eye, laryngitis, etc. Our bodies have the capabilities to resist and recover from these illnesses on their own. However, the right treatment can aid the recovery process.

Western medicine has developed many specific pharmaceutical drugs to assist. One of the problems is that these medicines can have nasty side affects. One of the foremost being that they can often damage the immune system, possibly creating a viscous cycle: Taking pharmaceutical drugs to recover from an illness. Immune system compromised by drugs. Leading to more illness. Leading to more drugs. Etc. etc.

Perhaps taking those drugs is worth the side effects for an individual person at a specific time. That is a decision each person has to make for themselves. But it's not the only option available.

BodyTalk offers an excellent alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. The BodyTalk body chemistry procedure is a way to enhance and boost the natural fighting abilities of the immune system naturally. The immune system can be strengthened through the experience for any future attacks.

Even if a person does decide to take pharmacuetical drugs or any other type of treatment, BodyTalk can be used in conjunction with any treatment.

If you are sick and want help getting over it with BodyTalk, in person or over the phone by Distance Session if you do not feel well enough to travel, contact below:


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