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Cortices Technique
The cortices are the outermost layer of the brain. They are seperated by a midline into left cortices and right cortices.
Each side of the brain has unique functions. The left brain is the logical, linear, masculine brain. The right brain is the creative, non-linear feminine brain.

When the cortices are working together in good balance, it will help relieve stress, relax, think clearly, concentrate, improve memory, as well as improve overall physical health.

The cortices technique helps to balance out the two hemispheres of the brain so that they are working together smoothly and effectively.

The founder of BodyTalk John Veltheim (to the right), explains how to do the cortices technique, it's benefits and why it works.

This is one of the many beneficial techniques within the BodyTalk system. It has been made public to allow anyone to balance their brain on their own.


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Cortices Technique
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