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BodyTalk also works by distance session from anywhere in the world.

distancehealingThis works because of some of the principles of quantum physics:

Any time we think of somebody, no matter where they are in the world, we are connecting to that person's frequency.

This is why distance healing is possible.

The muscle checking for a distance session is done on one hand by the practitioner as seen below.

selftestThe tapping and/or modalities are done on the practitioner as a surrogate for the patient. Or the tapping is done by the practitioner visualizing themselves tapping on the client.

One of the benefits of a distance session is convenience. No travel needed. This can be important if someone doesn't feel well enough to travel or they don't want to or are not able to travel a long distance. Also this can be a convenient way to treat animals if a pet does not like traveling.

The implementation of the formulas works just as it does in person. By "tuning in" to the client, the connection is made and positive changes can be affected in the same way as if they were treated in office.

I enjoy working with people over the phone, If you would like to receive a distance session, contact:


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