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Kids and teenagers face a unique set of physical, emotional and mental challenges. Cold's and flu's or other illness, learning or behavior problems, ADD/ADHD, allergies/intolerances, as well as general development issues.

On many levels, kids do not have the resources to deal with life that adults do. The same thing that has little to no impact on an adult can have a very big impact on a child or teenager. BodyTalk can help to teach a child's system how to deal with something in a better way.

By doing that through the BodyTalk protocol, a positive impact can be made on a child's brain, health, self-esteem, awareness, and development.

It is particularly advantageous to use Applied Kinesiology with kids. Sometimes kids do not know what is going on in their system or they may not know how to express it. The muscle checking can be the voice for the child to give more clarity on what is happening.

Any other issue that an adult can be treated for a child would be treated through the BodyTalk protocol and it works just the same.

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