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The musculo-skeletal system is a dynamic system of bones, muscles and connective tissue. When treating any musculo-skeletal issues, it is best to consider not only the individual part, but how the parts work together. tensegrity

BodyTalk looks at the body holistically in this way. The body uses a series of opposites to maintain balance in the body. The hand - foot, knee - ankle, etc, all communicate with each other to maintain balance. When these opposites, or, reciprocals are not communicating well, the body adopts one of many compensation patterns. Compensation patterns are not ideal, they are back-up systems. It's important to have these back-up systems, but they should only be in use until optimal functioning can be re-established.

By re-establishing good communication between specific reciprocal parts, dramatic adjustments and improvements can be made. When the body learns to function in in it's proper balance, injured or overworked parts are able heal and recover.

This structural balance can make for greater ease of movement, comfort within one's body and long term muscle, ligament and joint health.

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