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From conception to the first few years of life are a very important development phase. This is when the body establishes physical, emotional and mental patterns for life.
It can be a mystery knowing what is happening with your child's health. Especially when they cannot tell you what they are feeling. Muscle checking through the BodyTalk protocol can provide insight into what is happening. This is a valuable way to address any issues that your baby may have.

A session with a baby is done by doing the muscle checking on the Mother or another surrogate. Or a practitioner self-check is used. The tapping is done either by the BodyTalk practitioner (as pictured) or the Mother. Or the tapping is done on the Mother as a surrogate for the baby.

For in utero sessions, the muscle checking and tapping is done using the Mother as a surrogate for the baby. In utero sessions will address the needs of both Mother and baby.

BodyTalk can help your baby to be healthier and to smooth out it's process into into the world and starting off in life

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