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Each part of the body has internal programming. This programming determines each parts form and and how it operates.
The programs the body runs may not be ideal and may by programs of ill health.

There could be many reasons a person's body could be running an ill-health program. Usually the reasons are some type of stress that triggers the body to take on an ill-health program.

What BodyTalk does is to first identify ill-health wiring that is present in the system. Then, if necessary, find the reasons why that ill-health wiring started in the first place. Working to resolve those issues as the innate wisdom dictates. Lastly, update the unhealthy programs to healthier programs that serve the person.

By changing the instructions of the body, we are changing part of who somebody is. Instead of being someone that is wired for a knee problem, a person could be someone with internal wiring for a healthy knee. This is deep and significant change and is necessary for any type of real healing to take place.

This change isn't necessarily hard. Especially with the help of a skilled BodyTalk practitioner. All it really takes is a willingness to change and shift.

Once old unhealthy patterns are replaced with new and healthy patterns, healing and positive change can happen holistically and naturally.


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