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What is BodyTalk?
What does a BodyTalk Session Entail?
Applied Kinesiology/Muscle Checking/Muscle Testing

Holistic Pediatrics

Pre-Natal Care

Holistic Veterinary Care

Sports Psychology/

Whole Body Physical Therapy

Setting and Reaching Your Goals
BodyTalk Access Book
Young Living Oils
I am a Young Living oils Distributor. I use the oils in my practice when appropriate.

Essential oils have many healing benefits on the body. The little molecules are like messangers moving through the body delivering their therapeutic effects.

There is so much to be discovered about how and why essential oils work. They have been used for their medicinal qualities for thousandsraindrop of years.

One excellent way to administer the oils is called the Raindrop Technique. This is a strategic way to apply 9 different oils up the spin in a specific order.

If you would like to be a part of a Raindrop party to learn how to administer this technique to a partner, e-mail me and I will put you on the list.


BodyTalk Videos

Cortices Technique
Body Chemistry Technique Testimonial

Other Modalities

Resonance Repatterning

, Cold and Flu, Allergy Elimination, Cancer, Parasites

Weight Loss
, Structural Integration, Co-Dependency, Relationships