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"I've been receiving BodyTalk sessions by Josh for over a year. His sessions are amazing!! I definitely feel a difference after each BodyTalk session. His work shifts negative energies into positive energies. He also helps with health issues like colds or fevers. I enjoy getting BodyTalk sessions and I will continue my sessions on a regular basis.


"Wow I have a blood disease called myelofibrosis very rare. My blood count was 3 (12 - 13 range is normal) and I was dying. My doctors had me on four different medications. I came across Josh Rodgers and BodyTalk when my blood count was now 6. I wasn't too sure if it would help. But being so sick I wanted to give it a try. After the 1st treatment I couldn't believe it but I noticed a difference now 8 months later I'm down to one medication and my blood is 13 and been back to work for seven months. It's hard to put it into writing, but it works. All natural. It's worth your time, money and travel. I feel great! I can't say enough, just try it, what's your health worth? Thank you so much Josh and all those who work with BodyTalk."


"I have been working with Josh for the past year using BodyTalk and Resonance Repatterning. I feel better then I have in a long time. I have worked with other holistic practitioners that helped me in other ways but my body needed that little extra boost that BodyTalk gives.

-My oldest daughter (13 yrs old), has blossomed since starting BodyTalk. She was less communicative and less aware of what was going on in her environment. It is almost as if a switch was flipped on. Her verbal expression has increased tremendously.

-My younger daughter (10 yrs old) has benefited from BodyTalk by helping her clear emotional issues that are affecting or can affect her health."


I have been receiving distance sessions from Josh on a continued basis for a variety of issues. I cannot recommend him highly enough! He has an accurate intuitive sense for what is needed in the moment and also gives me insights into what I need to be learning from any given situation. Most recently, in the midst of a near-panic attack, I could feel the session gently rebuilding my sense of well-being and peace of mind. This peace of mind has not diminished, though I am continue to be in stressful conditions. I find his sessions to be a profound experience for all aspects of my health: body, mind and spirit. His integrity and patience with the process is a rare gift. Thank you Josh!



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