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robotWeight loss is something that many people struggle with.

Everyone knows that eating right and excercising are the path to a healthy weight.

Then why is it so difficult to do!

Because it's not simple as that. We have cravings sent to us by our subconscious mind that is telling us all the time to do different things. These cravings might be directly opposite of the conscious mind's goals.

Emotional eating is one habit that contributes to weight gain and being overweight. Instead of feeling sadness, worry, anger, or other uncomfortable emotion, it is much nicer in the short term to eat something. It masks those emotions. But it doesn't eliminate the emotions.
The emotions from emotional eating are stored in the fat. These emotions are processed and felt if those pounds are shed at a later date. That's one reason why dieting can feel so depressing. It's the body/mind processing emotions that were originally stuffed instead of processed.

How about using fat as a hiding place? What will this fat suit give you? Will it make you less attractive to the opposite sex and therefore keep you safe from being hurt? If that program is running in your subconscious mind, then you will experience cravings that will be difficult to resist.

These are the types of dynamics that plays themselves out for most people who struggle with weight loss.

They can be addressed and relieved through BodyTalk. This will make your path towards your weight loss goals clear for you making it easier for you to get to the weight you want to be.


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