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What does a BodyTalk Session Entail?
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What does a BodyTalk Session Entail?

A BodyTalk session starts with the patient lying face up on a massage table. The practitioner is seated to their side. The muscle checking is done using the patients hand as the practitioner asks questions through the BodyTalk protocol. Practitioner taps lightly on the head and heart (sternum) as needed. bt

Common experiences during a session are peristalsis, which is gurgling of the stomach and digestive system. This is the body shifting it's underlying energetic blueprint and programming. Also common is increased activity in deeper parts of the brain which can cause drowsiness as the brain downloads the instructions given. Patients may experience different sensations in the parts of the body being addressed. Patient may sleep longer then usual the night after the session as the brain and body continue to process the formula(s).

treatmentA session usually takes about 1 hour. Afterwards patients usually feel "lighter", an greater sense of well-being and a greater understanding of what is going on in their body.

Continued shifting and awareness of changes can be felt continually days or weeks after a session.

This is real change at fundamental levels, affecting the body/mind in positive ways. Shifts will be felt as the body unburdens stress and works to improve health.

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