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Like everything else that affects the body, the heart recognizes, records, and remembers what is handsgoing on in relationships. This Includes much more then the conscious mind is aware of.

This can be why people instinctively know when something is going on with their partner even if they have no direct knowlegde that something is wrong. Their heart and instincts are picking up on things and sending messages to the brain.

These messages and much more can be clarified through Applied Kinesiology by muscle checking through the BodyTalk protocal.

BodyTalk can identify non-coherent patterns and work to transform them into coherent patterns that support healthy relationships.

When these issues are worked out within oneself, improvement in relationships naturally follows. Along with more clarity, harmony and enjoyment.

If you would like to experience BodyTalk to help with a current relationship or to help start a relationship, contact below:


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