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BodyTalk is an optimal treatment for anyone who wants to maximize their performance.

running BodyTalk can help to build strength, speed and agility. BodyTalk is also a great alternative to invasive western medicine practices specifically for athletes who are injured and to help reduce the risk of injuries.

In order for the athlete to perform at their highest potential, it's important for them to harness not only their physical resources, but their emotional ones as well. An imbalance of an emotion such as anger, fear, grief, worry, sadness and even joy can have a negative impact on an athlete. Any imbalances an athlete might have in regards to emotions on or off the playing field can be addressed through BodyTalk. This may be in the form of aiding an athlete in dealing with a specific issue that is bothering them and affecting performance. Or replacing non-coherent emotional tendencies with patterns that will help and serve the athlete towards consistently performing at their best.

Athletes talk about "the zone". The feelings of increased focus, fun, control over ones body, seeing 3 or 4 moves ahead, feeling like time has slowed down. Many top athletes are not superior physically or athletically over their opponents. They may have simply learned how to enter "the zone" more consistently. This is a skill that can be learned and BodyTalk can help to train a person and their brain to enter this ideal performance state more consistently.

anikaMany professional athletes use BodyTalk to recover from physical injury, maintain health and optimize performance. Anika Sorenstam LPGA Pro Golfer: “They used a new therapy called ‘BodyTalk’ and told me I probably got the problems in my hip because of the things I have gone through in my personal life. It was a mental thing that made me feel fragile in a physical way… I can swing the clubs like I want now.” Golf Digest.

BodyTalk helped NBA Basketball Player Grant Hill recover from a career threatening injury, maintain health and keep playing at a high level even at the age of 40: "I started initially when I was, trying to recover from an injury, and as I have gone through that whole process of surgery and rehab and recovery and granthilleventually in getting back on the court, BodyTalk has been instrumental and been a part of that process along the way. I don't pretend to understand it, in terms of how to actually do the BodyTalk on somebody. I don't need to, thankfully. But I do know that as an athlete we're very in tune with our bodies, we're very sensitive to our energy levels, to stress, to a variety of different things and I've noticed that every time I've done BodyTalk I've felt a difference afterwards and that's the most important thing. So, whether it's in the off-season, while I'm doing nothing, or in the off-season while I'm training and preparing, or whether it's during the season I've done BodyTalk, I'm a big believer in it, it's helped me get through my injuries and get me to the point where I'm back playing and playing well." Grant Hill.

As a former high school and college athlete myself, I understand the challenges athletes face. I have experience how bodytalk has helped me recover from injuries, maintain physical health and sportsoptimize performance. If you would like to experience these benefits and help increase performance, for professional, college athlete, or for your son or daughter in youth sports, contact below:


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