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Structural Integration, aka, "Rolfing" is a soft tissue manipulation technique that sireleases tension held in the connective tissue of the body.

Connective tissue, or, fascia, is the internal "netting" of the body. Fascia includes muscles, ligaments, tendons and reaches all the way to every organ and every cell. Fascia in parts of the body can harden through injury, wear and tear, chronic postural imbalances, stress, sedentary life, etc. Over time, hardened fascia usually perpetuates itself if not addressed.

Yoga or gentle aerobic activity can work to soften some of this hardened tissue. But most times, once these activities are stopped, the tissues return to their hardened states.

One reason for this is that hardened fascia may have "emotional baggage" issues that are attached to this hardened tissue. If those emotional factors are not addressed, the tissue will just re-harden after the loosening movements stop.

Through BodyTalk, corresponding emotional or mental factors that are involved can be identified quickly through the muscle checking.

Structural Integration through BodyTalk is a great way to address the body on all levels for healing and health. S.I. for the physical loosening of the fascia in conjunction with emotional and mental loosening through BodyTalk techniques and procedures.

S.I. is also a great aid for anyone practicing yoga or any kind of stretching routine to help the body loosen up, become more fluid, and address areas of pain or stiffness.

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